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Dedication coupled with an innate sense of devotion is translated into education and learning inside Sengunthar Engineering College. Sengunthar's placement Cell is a branch of the vibrant Sengunthar Tree which wide opens the magic gates of Entrepreneurial skills and employable opportunities by fathering regular inductive programmes. As the sudden upsurge of student community poses a logistical challenge to all Educational Institutions, Top-notch aficionados and Doyens from all fields are invited to tune the students' skills. It is considered as a place to cherish as it moulds the students' mind agile and alert. Sengunthar's Placement Cell incarnates in myriad forms and ever it sounds new for our students.


Profound training is given in Aptitude, Grammar, Group Discussion and Interview Skills by a crew of specially recruited Faculty Members for Placement Cell.

Regular placement training - two hours per week is given for all the students to furnish them to dash fast to catch up with the world.

Great exponents visit our Placement Cell to sharpen their distinctive skills

Students are motivated to participate and present papers and projects in Symposiums conducted by various Educational Institutions in and around Tamil Nadu.

Our students have won 168 prizes during the academic year 2014-15, 267 prizes in 2015-16,199 prizes in 2016-17 and 189 prizes in 2017-18 in the Symposiums conducted by various Institutions.

Our Galaxy of prize winners hails our placement cell as it deserves all adulations.

A special training is given exclusively for the first years in Communication, C and C++ by the Precession Informatics Private Limited, Chennai.

An intensive training in Aptitude Group Discussion and Interview Skills are given by Smart Training Resources, Chennai.

Training Methodology

The students are trained to attain the above objectives through a variety of programmes run by the Placement and Training Cell such as:

1. The Corporate leaders from leading industries are invited regularly to interact with students.

2. Various Training Programmes are organized to train the students in the areas of Aptitude, Quantitative Reasoning, Logical Reasoning and Verbal through the Reputed External Training centers.

3. Technical training programmes are being conducted by Technical experts.

4. Language learning programmes to train students in developing their communication skills using the language lab.

5. Mock Interviews for students to perform well in the professional interviews as per the expectations of the corporate world.

First Year Students C, C++ & Communication Skills
Second Year Students Aptitude, Reasoning & Communication
Third Year Students GDs, Interviews, & Interpersonal Skills
Final year Students Mock Interviews, Technical Skills & Test for Competitive Exams


Mr.Aravind Thirunavukkarasu MCA

Director Coporate Relations and Training

Ph: +91 - 04288 - 255716
Email: secplacement@yahoo.co.in


S.No Name of The Faculty Genre
Aravind Thirunavukkarasu, ME
Director Corporate Relations & Training
Personality Development, Mock Interviews
2. S.Bhuvana, M.A., M.Phil., GDs, Interviews, Interpersonal Skills
3. V.Saravanakumar, MBA., M.Phil Mock Interviews
4. Mr.S.Suresh Sugumar Aptitude
5. M.Yamuna Reasoning


S.No. Name Deignation
1. Mr.S.GOPAL M.B.A,M.Phil, Placement Executive
2. Mr.J.Prakash M.E. Civil Engineering
3. Mr.R.Narendran M.E., Computer Science and Engineering
4. Mr. M.Jayakumar M.E. Electronics and Communication Engineering
5. Mr.V.Balaji M.E. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
6. Mr.Thiru Senthil Adhiban M.E. Mechanical Engineering
7. Mr.V.Saravanakumar MBA Master of Business Administration
8. Mr.G.Jayamurugan M.C.A Master of Computer Applications

Sengunthar Engineering College
Tiruchengode - 637 205,
Namakkal District
Phone 91-04288 255713
Placement Director:
91-93600 53352
91-93676 53355
Email :secplacement@yahoo.co.in

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